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About Us

Life coach , what a beautiful & wonderful word. The one who can unite the whole mankind in this world. Even with all the differences we have in our society. Even at this modern world, we are progressing so fast in all the directions like IT, BT field, which shrunk the modern world. Modern medicines, modern industries, modern culture, Heritage. Everyday and every minute a new product and new concept hitting the market whether it is necessary or not for a man kind. All the modern commodities hitting the market but still people of our society are feeling something is lacking in their life i.e., Happiness & peace of mind. People can feel the luxury, comfort & pleasure by materials in the world, They may be good in one role & bad in many roles. It is not the development...

To Educate people on basic principles of life to get transformed to better people for the better world the “ Life Coach” plays a vital role in bringing up better Mankind & Environment in this world to lead a Happy, prosperous & peaceful life.


In High School –

Good Athlete & Sportsman – Achieved many prizes in Dist. Level

Achieved best student Award – 1986.

In College in N.C.C –

Got the Gold Medal in Bayonet Fighting – 1989

Attended Himalayan Trekking Camp- 1989

Reached top most Rank CSUO- 1990

Annual Training camp – Camp leader for 600 cadets – 1990

Under my leadership got overall Championship Institute award – 1990

Led a Team of 11 cadets for “Deccan Platue’’ – 1991 Cycle expedition & covered 6500 Kms

In Rotary – Bangalore Sadashivanagar:

Club Secretary – 2010-11

Vice President – 2011-12/p>

President -- 2012-13. Got 27 Awards in different Avenues.

Award Certificate
Award Certificate

Under Personality Development Courses:

Sahaja Samadi yoga – By Gurudath Guruji – 2004

Sarala Samruddhi Yoga – By Prakash Guruji – 2005

Art of living Course-1 - 2009

Winners Workshop – By Dr. Bharath Chandra – 2010

Mind Power Matrix – By Dr. G.Ruthara – 2011

Money Workshop – By Suresh Padmanabhan – 2012

ECS Course - Value point Academy - 2013

The Power of Silence – Meditation – By Mr. Sathyanarayana – April 2014

Self Mastery Course – Consumax – May 2014.

Certified Trainer

IRATD- Certified Corporate Trainer(Indo Russian Academy of Training And Development)

Certified Soft Skill Trainer


Data:  04-06-2016 & 05-06-2016

Contact:  +91 9036011142 & 080-26716982

Know the secrete of Successful People.

Unleash the Magical power of Left Right & Mid brain.

Mudras for Health Benefits.

Know your hidden personality.

Know the past life , Karma and Dharma.

Trataka and Concentration exercise.

Know your Alchemy Power for Financial freedom, Goal manifestation & Dreams realization.

Relaxation techniques.

Format the Blueprint for a beautiful life.

Know the Rituals of Rich People.

Techniques to work long Hours Tirelessly.

Discover the Fountain of Enthusiasm in yourself.

Know the mystery of Magic Lamp.

Visualize to realize our future by the Power of Inner Eye.

Rainbow Meditation.

Learn to live by heart rather than by Mind.

How to be Effortless and naturally successful in every field.

Train your brain for greater Business Challenges.



  • "I think the teaching profession contributes more to the future of our
    society than any other single profession."

    Steven Lock
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