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Excellent Student

( I am a born winner )

Is your child spending a lot of time on studies, but is he still not able to get good marks in the exam?
even after you telling him in all the ways is he still not interested in studies?
do you find your child not interested in any activities and is he simply wasting time without doing anything worthwhile?
do you want you child to be highly successful in life with the right kind of teacher and the right kind of training?
do you want to see a right kind of transformation in your child in the shortest possible time?


Excellent Employee

( The more I contribute the more progress I make)

do your employees don’t have the belongingness to the company which you would expect from them?
do your employees don’t do the job properly if your constant supervision is not there?
does the productivity of your company come down when you are physically not present in the office?
do your employees constantly ask for increase in the salary and demand advances unnecessarily without any increase in the productivity?


Life Skill Courses For Students & Youths

( Be the architect of your own life)

how to get more productivity from the same employees without investing much capital in the business again?
how to develop an ecosystem of trust and understanding with all the people and positions of the corporate hierarchy?
the art of doing good business in a principled way without showing unwanted greediness to go and snatch at everything?
the technique and the art of saying no?
all and everything about human resources and how to get the best out of it for all the concerned people? ..

Super Student - Residential course

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do you want to benefit from a highly innovated and developed programme for students in special and everyone in general as to how to enhance the memory skills?
do you want to gain from the only workshop offering memory skills in all the subjects separately?
do you want to easily remember everything you read without having the fear of forgetting it too often?
do you want to enjoy your study time rather than suffering it?
do you want to reach to the stars and become a 100% marks student from the current average level?

Happy life

(Create a blue print for a Beautiful & Happy Life)

are you struggling in life even after having all the important things?
do you get angry or irritated very easily?
do you no longer like the life you are leading?
do you want to make your life peaceful and yet powerful?
do you want to “enrich" all the important relationships you have in life? ...


Law of attraction” know the secret of abundance.

( The more I contribute the more progress I make)

like a magnet do you want to attract all the good things in your life?
do you want to learn “ he art of realising positive thoughts to the universe" and get what you most desiree?
do you want to learn" the art of excelling in your professional and your personal field” as well?
do you want to learn "the secret of manifesting your thoughts into real things"?
do you want to lead "a happy and a blissful life"?


Sankalpa , Santhrupthi

You have it , You know it You Feel it........ now its time to awaken it.

learn how to excel real fast in your business and in all the areas of your life?
want to know the secret of the mystic yogis and implement the same in your life very efficiently?
learn everything about meditation, the various types and the various mudras— practically?
learn the powerful yoga techniques to get rid of the stress and diseases permanently in your life?
silence is the most powerful weapon a human being has got, do you want come and learn as to how to make use of it in your daily life?


Corporate Chanakya

(Cor………..corporate training Programs )

how to take your company to the next level without investing much money in the business? how to get the "law of attraction”to work for you in your business? how to convert business tension into enjoyable challenge? how to delegate your work in your business "in the most scientific and the most efficient way" without any undue losses happening to your business? how to generate more ideas for your business and make it workable? ...


Guru Bramah

(Empowering and transforming Teachers , who are the national builders )

as a teacher are you finding it difficult to control your students?
do you want to inculcate more value in students other than giving loads of knowledge to them?
do you want to join hands in creating a powerful india by creating extraordinary students?
do you want to know the very latest in study and teaching techniques?
do you want to become an education entrepreneur? ...